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Money – The Root of all Evil

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Money – The Root of all Evil

It seems to me that the highest paying jobs are given to those on the inside pocket of corporate control. Those who will do as you ask them to for a little cash on the side. Or even fraternity brothers and sisters, masons helping other masons, and so on.

With so much conflicting information coming from official, and alternative media sources these days about pretty much everything, it would be impossible to ever see eye to eye on reporting truth in our news outlets.

As long as money circulates on this planet, we are always going to have bribery and greed. Some people just can’t help themselves but to take a little extra on the side, or sometimes their lives are being threatened, and they really don’t have much choice.

The reporters you see on TV barely really do any honest investigation anymore, instead they just read from the teleprompter and then go out for a fancy dinner, have a few drinks and then go to their cozy big expensive luxury homes.

People like myself find themselves in a situation where something from the inside is calling us to liberate the good people of planet earth with the knowledge and information that we have learned to wake you up and get you up off your ass to just help out a little, in anyway you can.

I see something that many of you don’t, and that is the fact that we are all unique in our own very special way and we all have the power to create a much better future for humanity and the rest of the world.

Be a voice for the voiceless and see to it that the real truth of who we are is revealed, and not the same old story that we hear all the time.

The proof is in our past ancient civilizations history. The writing is literally written on the wall.

We are destined to overcome our challenges for greatness, and we are inspired by the legends of our histories past.

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I have made a post which I think is significant and accessible, which may be of interest to you. You can read this and others here: http://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/-posted%20to%20o_c_c_u_p_y .

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I hope you are all have a fairly good, if not thoughtful, new year!
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We seek the truth, for behind the truth is love.

And within that love is psychic light.

And brought by light is potentiality,

chaos, or perfect information.

For light is the currency of consciousness.

And Just as a beam of light is bent by the gravity of the sun,

probability is bent by the structure of our thoughts.

Held here dear in the habits of our hearts.

Too often projected there as money.